Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Whoever I am, I'm Still Here...R U?

I've been wrestling with life-goal decisions, and decided it's just too much for me.  Last year I made the freeing decision to be only three things.  It's not really working out well.  

Several wise advisers told me, "Be yourself." Yeah, that's never worked well for me. Primarily because to be yourself, you first have to know who you are.  

The three things?  Got ya there, didn't I?  OK. First was a Writer~my all time number one lots of fun thing to do.  Number two was to continue teaching and playing and learning music~a life-long love of mine. Number three was to continue my work building a business centered around creativity, which blossomed into like five businesses, which is...yeah, WAY too much!

I know, I know, any one of these could be a full-time endeavor, but, not for "special" people.  I mean people "with letters".  Letters like "A", "D", "D" and such.

and so,

Here I am at the brand new beginning of a phase of life one should know what they're doing, and, for-goodness-sake, at least who they are and I'm simply behind the game.  Big time.   

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