Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Decision Has Been Made

I’ve never been one to take the obvious path.  That accounts for the past five years of wilderness wandering.  Being a whip-doodle writer, and a lifetime fiber lover (most especially in regard to the art of knitting), the obvious path would have been to simply write about knitting and/or fiber arts. 
So, of course I didn’t do that.  I’m not telling the whole story in one slice, but it’s quite a journey.  I know those who have given me the “tip” of writing about fiber-arts will be so pleased because…that’s what I’m going to do. 


I’ve roved around (if you knit, or spin, you’ll get that, if not, it actually does make sense.) (Does too.)  and found lots and lots of interesting and educational bits and pieces that go into making today’s fiber art world one fantastic adventure.  This is what I will blog to you about.  I sure hope you have many pleasant, informative visits.  Just to whet your appetite, Lord willing, my next post will be about $300+ per ounce fiber—really!

(r u with me Maggie?)

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